Karen Brandt

We will be commencing our third building project with SOS. On each occasion Marc and his experienced team worked with us from the design phase offering expert advice and delivering quality workmanship.

On completion of the building works it was wonderful to be able to also use Marc’s expertise with our internal and external signage.  Marc worked closely with us and put us in touch with his design team who met our needs and delivered a professional concept and design and a quality sign. We were also able to get all of our printing needs when setting up a new business through his design and print team from business cards, menus and invitations. This made the whole project a breeze meeting all of our needs from design/construct phase to signs and printing.

We are so happy with our completed projects and continue to receive wonderful comments about our expansion and the construction of our new Laser and Beauty Clinic.

Having worked with Marc and his team we know that SOS’s workmanship is at a quality we can trust and therefore look forward to working with them again soon.


Thank you SOS!